Most Urgent Social Problem

Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem

Who could really know whether the is the most urgent social problem. The author of a book carrying this title thinks so. One could make an incredible case but assigning the title "MOST URGENT" seems like a tactic to sell books.

We could say for sure that an urgent social problem we have is Fatherless young people. The statistics are staggering and can easily paint a picture of hopelessness, but we are not those that give up.

Please watch this short video and then give me your ear. 


From my limited perspective, there is a more urgent problem than this and it is the remedy. The remedy for this issue in our culture seems to be adding to the affliction. 

Follow me here if "the business as usual" answer is the answer then the answer is a problem? If we solve the answer with the same heart and same mind that created the problem then we will end up with a bigger mess. So what I am saying is we .... I need a change of heart and a new perspective to come up with the answer. 

This comes from God. He has seen the condition of fatherlessness from time immemorial. He began to establish the answer in the 1st 5 books of the bible and it hasn't changed. We need to seek his wisdom ...His counsel and receive His instructions.

The Widow and Orphan are an object of special love on behalf of God. He takes a unique position of care when it comes to them and we must understand this. If you have long waited to see the miraculous if you have long waited to see God personally intervene in human affairs then I say turn your attention to the "Most Urgent Social Problem" America faces and watch God be God.

Secular Ideals have lead to this blight and secular solutions will only add insult to the injury. This may be tough to hear but when God reveals His nature of love and redemption over the Orphan and Widow then we will lose our pride. We will ask for His intervention more often and we will be a saved people.