Meribah Joy (Age 11 in the following video) has been serving the forgotten of the community even as a babe. As a baby she was not content until everyone in the room was smiling, she even made us walk around to visit each person individually. Now, at the age of 13 she has used her gift of music to play in nursing homes, rehab clinics, senior centers, and at the local Farmers Market. She still has that fire in her to bring joy to all around her.

Meribah Joy at a nursing home in Ripon in November of 2016.


Meribah Joy was invited by Annie from Annies Fountain City Cafe to do some music during a Wine and Art walk in downtown Fond du Lac. Meribah was cool as a cucumber and set a sweet mood for the folks to talk and enjoy the community they live in.

Meribah has been requested to play for Christmas concerts, mother-daughter events, holiday gatherings, funerals and at her father's dinner table. If you would like her to bring her gift to your life please feel free to fill out the form below.

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