James House is now at Fond du Lac Farmers Market representing Jesus!


Pallet Planters

Made For Annie's Fountain City Cafe.


Head board Art custom made for donor

Adeline's Orphans

The passions of children are cultivated in their forms of play. Adeline will have a "real" orphanage one day but for now she uses her time to enjoy the wonder of all it could be. This doll was created for a friend who was in the hospital await a serious surgery. Her name is Milly

Window Garden

This is a self watering window garden created by Jeremy. It combines pallet wood, threaded rod, mason jars, string, dirt and some  wonderful seeds to the result of pure joy.

From a semi-shop in Oshkosh Wisconsin to a magazine worthy kitchen shelf. The wood was harvested in the Spring of 2015 by Timothy and his children and the shelf was design and crafted in November of 2015. 


South Shore Church was teaching through the book of "Numbers" and this was made to represent the main theme of the series. The children of Israel entered the wilderness 603,550 fighting men strong and only 2 survived the test. The wood was harvested from the back of the old Fond du Lac Bumper building in the summer of 2014.


Pallet Wall Art

This was a removable pallet "art" wall. It was constructed by the James House to add beauty and warmth to a cold space. The wood was harvested in the summer/fall of 2014 from behind the Fond du Lac Bumper building. The harvest crew was a handle full of the first James House Young men and women. The project was design and constructed by Timothy and Dakota