Featured Projects

We have 4 main sources of wood and they breakdown into 4 wonderful categories of projects. 



Pallets are awesome source of all sorts of species of wood. The story that emerges is also a powerful one too. Once meant to carry a heavy load, discarded because of damage, low value or abundance they can easily be turned into works of ART. We see these like the youth among us. 


2. Cabinet Scraps

We have an incredible relationship with a local cabinet making shop. Because of the nature of their business they have many leftover scraps that add up to pretty amazing projects. Just like the many with shattered dreams. 



The ultimate repurposing source. These beautiful structure once contained so much strength and spoke of livelihood. However as life goes they get weathered and beaten down ready for corruption. It is this weathering that gives it the unique beauty for its second life. Just like the elderly among us.


Bonfire Piles

Seriously this background was pulled out of a bonfire pile. It is understandable why it was there but with the James House Craft it was turned into this beautiful backdrop for the Gospel to be sung. This is my favorite source because it represents me. I was a 20 year old young man headed for the the fires of hell. I was rescued by Jesus and now I am used by Him to display the work of redeemption.