REFERENCE for Timothy

The James House Ministry is undergoing a transformational step. The ministry has been in place for 4 years, has had a tremendous impact upon Fond du Lac County and surrounding areas, and now needs to evolve and develop partners. We need intellectual, physical, and financial partners to ensure this work can put in place a stronger foundation and a security in the promise of the future.

If you have been asked to supply a reference, you are among those who Timothy views as having significant importance to him and the future of the ministry. Many people are encountering The James House Ministry and Timothy for the first time and with your support and testimony they will be able to make a better informed decision about the ways they will engage with our work.

Your references in full will be kept on file for the integrity of the work we do. The goal for our promotional material and marketing purposes will be to select key statements and highlight aspects of Timothy’s character and ability to lead an organization such as this.

Thank you in advance for your honest evaluation.

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Short Attribute survey
Timothy has Integrity
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